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Website Maintenance

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Fully managed, on-going 24/7 WordPress maintenance, updates, optimization, support, and security.

Trust the day-to-day management and optimization of your website to Love Your Site’s expert team of WordPress developers.

For a limited time, also receive 1 year of FREE website hosting (optional) †

† With an Optimize plan subscription

Here's Everything Else You Get

Website Edits, Improvements & Development

Plans include 60 or 90 minutes of development time per month for any changes and improvements you may need. 

Unlimited Emergency Fixes

Keep your site in perfect working order. Plans include an unlimited amount of emergency fixes for the lifetime of the account.

24/7 Support Ticket Coverage

Our team of developers is available every day of the year to ensure your site is taken care of. We don't take a day off, to ensure that you can.

WordPress Health Checkup

We’ll carry out an initial website health check to make sure your WordPress installation is healthy. If fixes are needed, we’ll take care of it.

Weekly WordPress Theme Updates

We’ll check for theme updates every week and apply them when they’re available as well as resolve any code conflicts.

Weekly WordPress Core Updates

We always make sure your site is running the latest, most secure installation of WordPress with no compatibility issues.

Weekly WordPress Plugin Updates

We perform plugin updates weekly and make sure you’re always running the latest versions that won't create a compatibility issue.

Heatmaps, Scroll Maps and Click Maps†

We’ll provide you with visual reports that will show you exactly how your customers are interacting with the elements on your site. 

Customer Portal Access

You will have access to a secure online Customer Portal to submit support tickets, view reports, and managing your account.

Weekly Reporting

Each week we will report on what updates have been made, your site security details, your site speed and SEO scores, and more.

eCommerce or Advanced Functionality Websites†

We can care for even the most complex sites, including ecommerce, membership, multilingual, and more.

Improved Real-time Site Security

We'll install a web application firewall, a brute force attack blocker, and a malware scanner. We also secure your WordPress login page.

Daily Security Scan For Malware

We run a daily security scan to so that we can find (and fix) any security vulnerabilities on your site before a “bad guy” exploits your site.

Google Search Console Set Up†

We’ll set up the Search Console to help you understand and improve how Google sees your site in their organic search results.

Malware Removal

If your site is ever hit with a successful malware attack, we safely remove any malicious code and we'll completely restore your website.

Google Analytics Installation†

If you haven’t installed Google Analytics, we’ll install this invaluable, free tool on your site so that you have the insights you need.

SEO Optimization†

We'll will regularly carry out an SEO audit on your website and do the necessary technical work to improve your search visibility.

Performance Tune Up†

We will speed up and maintain page load times on your website. This will improve the user experience, your SEO and conversion rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

You can get started online, and the sign-up process is simple and only takes a few minutes. After sign-up, we’ll collect some essential information about your website that we need. With this information in hand, we will complete our set up within 1-2 business day. If you’re unable to provide all of the information we need to complete the setup process, we’ll contact you to help you pull the information together. Note, this may delay the setup process; we’ll do our best to avoid that.

What's the difference between a "fix" and a "change?"

An "emergency fix" is when there is a bug, problem, issue or something is broken with existing functionality. A "change," "improvement" or "development" is when you want us to create something new, make a change to something that already exists or add functionality that doesn't already exist on your site. If you try to make edits to your site and run into a problem along the way, that isn't an emergency fix - that is a "change," "improvement" or "development".

Unlimited emergency fixes? Are you serious?

We offer unlimited emergency fixes for the life of your plan. Any fix to your site is covered, no matter how big or small or how many fixes are needed. The most common reason for bugs are code conflicts associated with theme or plugin updates.

What sort of website improvements can be made?

Website "changes," "improvements" and "developments" includes any changes you would like us to make to your existing site. For example, page changes, adding content, building a new page, installing, or configuring a plugin are just some examples. If you’d like us to create a new page, page design isn’t included. You’ll need to provide us with the design and content to build a new page. If you need help designing a the new page, those services may be purchased separately.

How does your tech support work?

We exclusively use a support ticket system via our Customer Portal because having support requests recorded in writing makes life much easier for both of us. The Customer Portal is in lieu of phone calls or live chat. Our 24/7 team is extremely responsive to every support ticket raised. You will be notified by email once we have started working on your ticket.

How often do you apply updates?

We monitor your site around the clock, 24/7. We also manually log in and check your site once a week. Every week, we apply any plugin, core, and theme updates that need to be processed. After we have applied updates, our WordPress experts’ team will also check your site to ensure no issues have arisen. If we find any problems or conflicts, we work to resolve them until they are fixed.

What is the best time to open a support ticket?

Our team of WordPress experts is available 24/7, so if you have an issue with your WordPress site, please tell us. Support tickets are typically resolved within 3-4 hours (depending on the issue’s complexity). Critical issues flagged as high priority are looked into within 1-2 hours, usually less.

What if I use all of my monthly development time?

If you use all of the website improvement time in your plan, we will notify you. You can purchase additional improvement/development time from our website in 30-minute blocks.

How often do you perform backups?

We take daily offsite backups of your entire site and database and stored them on a secure cloud server. We keep the last seven days of backups and also one full backup per month. In the rare situation that we needed to restore your site from an earlier backup, we can do that in no time.

What do I do if my site gets hacked?

We will be monitoring your site 24/7, and if an issue is detected, we will alert you right away. Our WordPress experts will jump into action right away! Our developers will remove any or malicious code malware to get your site back running as quickly as possible.

What will you do if one of my plugins isn't support?

For existing subscriber, we will advise you if a plugin on your site is no longer supported or compatible with WordPress’s latest version. Our experts will recommend some options resolve because depreciated plugins are often a significant security risk.

Will you really do a Performance Tune Up for free?

Yes, we will perform all of the optimization work to speed up your page load times if you subscribe to an Optimize plan. Ongoing, we will monitor and maintain the speed increase as long as you’re an Optimize plan subscriber. Maintain subscribers can purchase a one-time Performance Tune-Up.

What sort of work is included with the SEO Optimization?

Basic site-level SEO optimization is included on an Optimize plan. We’ll start by performing an SEO audit of your site and calculating your SEO score. This will be shared with you, and with a clear roadmap in hand, we begin work on improving and fixing issues. When we’re finished, we’ll post your new SEO in your Customer Portal, and your site will be in great overall SEO shape. This does not include on-page content or off-page SEO work. 

Will you really do a Performance Tune Up for free?

Yes, we will perform all of the optimization work to speed up your page load times. There’s no extra charge for this. Ongoing, we will monitor and maintain the speed increase as long as you’re a subscriber.

Is web hosting included?

Our standard plans do not include hosting, but for a limited we are included 1 year of shared hosting through White Peak website hosting. Hosting includes, up to 10 GB storage + up to 20 GB bandwidth. Webmail (email) not included.

Do you keep in regular contact with me?

Absolutely! Every week after we have applied updates and carried out any regular maintenance, we will send you an email encouraging you to log into the Customer Portal to view your latest dashboard reports. We’re proud of our hard work, and we want you to see what we’re doing on your behalf.

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