4 Ways to Speed Up WooCommerce

Speed Up WooCommerce

E-commerce has proven to be a very fruitful venture, which is why it’s become so attractive to entrepreneurs and businesses alike. When assessing the potential platforms that you can undertake, WooCommerce is certainly one of the best options out there. This WordPress plugin helps create an independent online store on that CMS.

Some stores may not have their WordPress sites optimized, though, bringing forth this question: how exactly do you speed up a WooCommerce website? With so many impatient site visitors leaving their transactions if they take up more than 3.63 seconds to load, how will you ensure that everything is well-developed enough to keep them right there?

There are a couple of techniques that can be implemented to ensure that your WooCommerce store sets up quicker. Here’s are some that can help:

Work With A Web Host

Having a high-quality web hosting service should be the main priority if you’re hoping to fully optimize your WooCommerce store. Although web hosts often serve the WordPress website itself, how they handle it will create a snowball effect on the efficiency of the WooCommerce plug-in.

Spotting the right web host can be hard, as they have to be one of the best while still compatible with your needs. Love Your Site has a variety of WordPress Care Plans that can appeal to whatever your business requires, from maintenance to optimization and custom. We also offer basic WordPress website hosting and management.

Optimize the Media on Your Site

Visuals are incredibly important when you’re in the e-commerce industry, as this material helps in advertising whatever product you’re trying to sell. Subsequently, people gravitate towards checking out the pictures, but they can slow down the site by a huge margin.

One of the classic moves that can help with improving the WooCommerce store’s loading speed is to optimize all the visuals that are on the site. Every web page that contains an image, video, or graphic should be compressed as to not hinder the site.

Extend the Memory Limit on WordPress

Adjusting the WordPress Memory Limit can help to speed up the WooCommerce site. You can ask for some assistance from your WordPress web host, but, essentially, the short-term data processed when opening the site would have to be upscaled from the standard 32MB.

The web host can alter the WordPress memory limit for your store, or you can also opt to configure the whole thing by yourself. You will need to access a majority of the site’s files in the WordPress directory section, though. Exercise caution when editing these files. 

Cache To Speed Up WooCommerce

WooCommerce is already an extremely useful plugin to your WordPress website, but another way to ensure that every page and element loads faster and smoother is to use cache plugins. Caching helps store data and makes the site run quicker on a device that’s already opened it.

Two types of caching that every online store owner should be aware of are server and browser caching. Implementing both would ensure that the WooCommerce store loads with ease for the site visitor, thanks to the data retention.


These four tips can greatly improve the state of your WooCommerce store. By having it load quicker, any site visitors can easily browse the products that your business is offering and check out when they find something they’d like. 

Want to speed up a WooCommerce store? Love Your Site provides fully managed, ongoing 24/7 WordPress website maintenance, updates, optimization, support, and security for businesses. Contact us now!

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