Critical WordPress Security Issues to Watch Out For

wordpress security issues

WordPress has long been a popular host for many websites. It has been used by many up until today since it’s free, user-friendly, and searchable in Google rankings. Amid its popularity and benefits, WordPress is facing security issues. In fact, 73% of 40,000 WordPress-powered websites installations indicated that they are vulnerable to hacker attacks. 

If you’re using WordPress to host your business’ site, be wary because your website may also experience poor web security. If your website has poor security, you are prone to cyber attacks that may cause a major crisis for your business. 

As a WordPress-powered website owner, here are the critical WordPress security issues you need to watch out for to protect your business: 

Poor Management of Themes and Plugins

Some of the most influential factors that can make your website face WordPress security issues are outdated and pirated themes and plugins. Be extremely careful with themes and plugins that are illegally obtained because you cannot ensure they are free from viruses that can damage your website’s security. 

To avoid facing security issues on your website, make sure to update your themes and plugins from time to time because coded programs that are extensively used may develop vulnerabilities over time. There’s no need to obtain pirated themes and plugins because publicly available ones are more secured, updated, and safe since developers of these codes ensure that they roll out security patches and update their products. 

Unsecured Hosting Services

Your business website security may also depend on the hosting services you choose. While there are many WordPress hosting providers available in the market saying they can provide a solution to all your website’s problems, make sure to assess them properly because not all of them can provide your website with security. 

There are three main WordPress hosting plans you can have for your website. You need to know about them to know which of them you can benefit the most from. 

  • Dedicated and VPS Hosting – This type of hosting uses an exclusive server to manage your website’s traffic. Dedicated and VPS hosting are pretty similar as they both provide a separate dedicated virtual hosting environment to your website. Both their CPU, storage, and RAM are 100% unshared. 

  • Cloud Hosting – It’s a type of hosting wherein your WordPress website is not hosted by a single physical server. 

  • Shared Hosting – Shared hosting is an economical way of hosting as it only uses a single server to host multiple websites.

Keystroke Logging and Brute Force Attacks

Keystroke logging and brute force attacks are among the most common techniques hackers use to make businesses suffer from security issues. Remember that hackers are intelligent, and they will do everything to exploit your website. They can find ways to enter your system without you knowing, so make sure you use strong passwords and enforce strong password practices to avoid risking the security of your entire website. 

If you use a poor password on your website, hackers can use the brute force technique to break your password barrier and get unauthorized administrative access to your website. 

Avoid WordPress Security Issues with Our Support Services

You can avoid facing security threats on your WordPress-powered website by ensuring you are doing the best practices. It’s good that you gained knowledge about the critical WordPress security issues so that you can revisit and review your website if it’s vulnerable to cyber attacks. 

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